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Sometimes even the craziest dreams come true! Famous luxury brand „Cartier“ and some other well know companies has chosen a „Pure Star Management“ model Vaida Tautaviciute for the advertsing of their summer watches collection. How come a simple lithuanian girl managed to end up at the place, where best known Top models are dreaming to be at?

And Vaida told me this:

„I have first heard about „Pure Star Management“ agency from my friends. So once I went to the party, which was organized by „PSM„ in Lithuania. I remember standing next to the stage, watching girls dancing and thinking to myself: „I wonder if I could ever perform and look as they do..„ And absolutely accidently a „PSM„ manager came up to me later that night and asked, if I would be interested in trying myself with a job offer in Paris. Somehow it wasn‘t that hard to decide.. :) That was back in 2008.

What did this job with „Pure Star Management“ agency gave me in general? I have overcome my stage fear, gained more self-confidence and dancing skills. Also working with „PSM„ has giantly broadened my view, changed my attitude. Unseen countries, various projects raise my curiousity, motivates to move forward. Each and everyone of them brings over new experiance, new impressions and memories. Of course I aint gonna even mention, that after started working with „Pure Star Management“ agency, I’ve gain friends all over the world...

One of the most interesting projects I have participated in – a city parade of Brussels, in spring 2010. „Pure Star Management“ made a huge show together with the best belgium club „Carre“. Loads of „PSM“ girls were dancing for a crowd of thousands of people! Was so hot, massive publics, loads of ovations.. Soooo much fun I would say.. :) Also a NY eve in Sri Lanka with FTV has stucked in my mind for long. The show took it’s place in the terrace of the most expensive local hotel. We were dancing on a huge stage, fully decorated with FTV logos. There was an amazing Indian style hotel on my right and Indian ocean on my left...

And how did I end up being a model? I was spotted in one event in Paris my model scout, who has invited me into a few castings. After attending them, some modelling agencies have offered me a contract. I‘ve chosen "Metropolitan". At the moment I am working with "Mademoiselle". Collaboration with this agency provided me the last jobs, that you can see the pictures next to this article.

You might say that I am lucky? It’s true. But I also work a lot and always try to do my best. What features and skills a girl has to have to become a part of “Pure Star Management” team? Well, you have to be neturaly beautiful, also be elegant lady. Self confidence, positivity and energy is essential. Dancing skills – an obvious plus. Having no stage fear is also very, very important, And at the end of the day – of course height and weight matters. Agency is constantly scouting tall and skinny girls. But there always have been some exceptions.. All I can say is, that if you want it – go for it! Maybe your luck is just next door, just as mine was. All you have to do is knock on it ;)“

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