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VA Digital Management is Reliable & Reactive. The technology mastery together with a 10 years entertainment booking experience is the key of your success.

The entertainment world is constantly on the move. Be ready to provide the new trends to your audience. We will assist you to improve your services and setup a customise solution for your business.

Our Parners are Model Agencies, Lounge Clubs, Restaurant Chics, Night Clubs, Beach Clubs, Casinos, Hotels Resort or Exhibition organiser our new booking concept using the newest technology, it will fit you well for the next 10 years.

You are private person or self employed.

You are social and communicative.

You think you could fit the Model or photo models requirements or / and you can dance.

You are professional or just have some free time during Weekend, holidays and even few hours during per day.

VA Digital Management is a new booking concept using the digital technology to book you just the time it is needed.


VA DIGITAL MANAGEMENT is a 10 years mix of experience in the Booking Management and the newest Digital technology.


Objective is to create a new and reliable solution to provide entertainment services and bookings all around the world at anytime.


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General & Booking questions

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